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Born in Clonakilty in 1971, Aidan O’Regan is a  father, grandfather, frontline worker and renowned artist.

He has transferred the beauty of the rugged coast and boondocks of the West Cork landscape to canvas in a deconstructed fashion which allows the viewer to take these base elements of paint and construct their own worlds. A colourist of immense ability, his interpretation of his environs are subtle but breathtaking.

A successful exhibition in late 2019 lead to the opening of his gallery, The Store, in Clonakilty where people can view his creations as he creates.

In this episode, Aidan talks about his career to date, his plans for the future and the need for resilience when working in the creative arts in Ireland.

About this podcast

Date:          09/02/2021

Duration:   38:09 mins

Aidan's Takeaway Tip

“Can’t go into it and expect to make money straight away.”

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