Alan Tobin

ADT (Alan Daniel Tobin) is a member of Irish band  LOWmountain and honorary member of the legendary  Interference.  A native of Ardfield, Alan lives in Carrigaline with his wife Catherine and three daughters.He also works as a graphic designer and dabbles in film-making and photography.

His debut solo album  – Volume I  – was recorded remotely in a cabin in his garden and produced by multi-instrumentalist,  Justin Grounds, who recorded his parts in a little room overlooking the beautiful town of Clonakilty.

ADT flexes between the sadness and delight of every day life. He paints the darkness with atmospheric soundscapes and simple words. Hugely influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, the West Cork landscape and his family, he has a minor obsession with lighthouses.

Both Alan and Justin are working together on his second album and will release the first single by the end of the year.

In this episode,  we chat about Alan’s music, the challenges of the music industry, the differences between being a solo artist and being part of a band, the things and people that inspire him, working with other creative people and his new album.

About this podcast

Date:         20/12/2022

Duration:   34:45 mins

Alan's Takeaway Tip

Don’t pigeonhole yourself

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