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Anne Marie Kingston is a qualified professional declutterer who motivates, supports and guides her clients to let go of unwanted, unloved and unused items.  When she was two, Anne Marie’s dad was diagnosed with cancer in the bone in his leg, and as a result, his leg was amputated. Her mother took on the family farm and Anne Marie, an only child, took on the household duties from a very young age. And so began her passion for decluttering. 

She left a career in banking to raise her family before following her dreams and passion for decluttering by setting up her business, White Sage Decluttering in March 2017 to support her clients with hands-on decluttering sessions. She set up her online academy, White Sage Academy in 2020 to support women all over Ireland with accountability and monthly themed training in decluttering every inch of their homes.

In this episode, we chat about the light bulb moment that initiated her career in this unique profession, the multifaceted layers of decluttering, her tips, challenges and future plans.

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Date:         05/07/2022

Duration:   23:33 mins

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