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Aoife is a West Cork based lino print artist. She grew up overlooking the sea in Inchydoney and a lot of her work takes inspiration from the contours and topography of the landscape around her.

Aoife is passionate about lino printing, a form of fine art printmaking where an image is carved into the surface of a linoleum block. Ink is then rolled across the surface of the carved block which is then pressed onto paper. When the paper is finally pulled away from the block, the printed image is revealed.

Aoife is currently working on capturing the entire coastline of Ireland in a series of lino prints. 

In this episode, we discuss getting the right work-life balance, moving her lino printing hobby into a business and the challenges of being a one woman sales, marketing, finance and IT department.

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Date:          29/04/2021

Duration:   43:34mins

Aoife's Takeaway Tip

“Say yes to opportunities.”

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