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A credit union is a not-for-profit democratic financial cooperative owned by all of their members and connected by a ‘common bond’ based on the area they live in, the occupation they work in, or the employer they work for. They exist only to serve members – not to profit from their needs.

Most financial institutions are cost-cutting, closing doors and moving online. The local credit union embraces the online aspect of their business whilst opening their doors wide to their members.

In this episode we speak to Arran O’Driscoll, Chair at Clonakilty Credit Union. We chat about the differences between credit unions and banks, the importance to the credit union of building relationships with members and welcoming them in, how credit unions can help business to manage their day-to-day finances and how they adapt their strategy in line with the needs of their members.

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Date:           18/05/2022    

Duration:   21:21 mins

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