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Claire Marie Barton is a sound healer, musician and author who lives in West Cork with her husband,  two sons, a dog and two cats.  

Claire worked as a marine ecologist for 20 years before packing up to travel the world for 18 months. 

The loss of of her first son, Alan, shortly after his birth was a life changing event for Claire and started a spiritual awakening that has led to a new career that is both creative and spiritual. She trained as a sound healing practitioner and  self-published a book and cd about her own experience of loss. 

Today, Claire is a sound healer, angel card reader, musician and writer, using her voice and instruments to help people to reconnect to themselves so they can experience peace and acceptance.

In this episode, we discuss how the loss of Alan became a transformative event for her, the importance of self-expression and taking time out and she imparts some sage advice. Geraldine in Cork Creative also got to experience sound healing first hand in a bonus taster episode.

About this podcast

Date:         12/04/2023

Duration:  54:53 mins


Taster Sound Healing Session

Claire Marie's Takeaway Tip

Trust yourself

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