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Leona Forde is a mom of four, an English and History teacher and children’s author from Co. Cork.  Her debut novel, Milly McCarthy is a complete Catastrophe was published by Gill in March 2023.  This highly illustrated middle grade series follows the antics of a young Irish girl Milly,  who is a magnet for mayhem.  Dubbed Ireland’s answer to The Whimpy Kid series, the sequel Milly McCarthy and the Irish Dancing Disaster is out now!

In this episode, we chat about the turning of a story for her daughter into the publication of a successful first book, her inspirations and writing process, the importance of relatable and diverse characters, and her experiences as an author. 

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Date:         12/09/2023

Duration:   23:54 mins

Leona's Takeaway Tip:

 “Read because you can’t write unless you read”

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