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A native of Tipperary, Martina Flanagan moved to Cork several years ago to pursue her passion for art. An initial desire to be an animator was replaced by the freedom brought by drawing and painting  and creating murals. Her paintings are inspired by ancient goddesses. By rediscovering the wisdom of these lost ancient goddesses and putting them into her art, she feels she can rediscover the true power and essence of what it means to be a woman. Her love for murals arises from the impact they can have on people. The aim for every mural is the same-to inspire, motivate and educate all who look upon it. 

In this episode we discuss her path to now; through colleges and jobs and her moment of enlightenment. We speak about her superheroes in woman empowerment, her process, the impact of social media and she shares some sage advice for wannabe artists.

About this podcast

Date:         15/11/2022

Duration:   36:34 mins

Martina's Takeaway Tip

“Save up money, stop spending money!”

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