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Swiss born Michel Colaci chose West Cork as his home some 20 years ago after coming here for a windsurfing event. As a watersports enthusiast, he immediately fell in love with its beaches, the coastline and the fantastic wind and wave conditions.

Michel is a creator of photo and video content, an entrepreneur, newly married, and father to a wonderful daughter. His most recent project, West Cork Discovered is a natural coming together of his love for West Cork, the ocean and his passion for photography and film-making. 

With the first 20 posts already released, he plans to feature 100 West Cork experiences over the coming 2 years that are based on values of sustainability, mindfulness and connecting with nature.

He talks to us about his ventures in the space of creative digital solutions, child online safety & wellbeing and video production. We also explore his new-found love for vintage camera lenses and how mindfulness influenced and changed his photography and film-making. 

About this podcast

Date:         14/01/2022

Duration:   38:09 mins

Michel's Takeaway Tip

“Above all, enjoy the process”



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