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Niamh Morrison has been creating her silver jewellery for over 15 years.  After becoming injured while riding her horse, Niamh had a lot of time on her hands.  She had always wanted to try jewellery – someone gave her a book on jewellery making and she was off and running.  

Niamh creates silver jewellery for people like herself – no fuss, inspired by nature and durable.  Niamh is conscious of the environment, she recycles any metals that she uses.  Silver scraps – even the dust are never discarded – they can always be melted down to add texture to any piece she creates.  

Her greatest inspiration are her daily walks by the sea with her three dogs or while swimming early in the morning.  At home, multiple cats and a few errant horses round out the menagerie – you will regularly see them make a starring appearance on her social media.  

Her husband was the person who came up with the name “HEN Jewellery”.  It’s jewellery for the Hands Ears and Neck – H.E.N.   You can catch her husband on his daily walks to the post office to post the previous days orders.

In this episode (in between a lot of giggling) we chat about the inspiration she draws on from her surroundings, the positive & negative impacts of the pandemic, the dramas of the creative process, her constant learning & her fetish for hammers.

About this podcast

Date:         14/07/2021

Duration:   44:29 mins

Niamh's Takeaway Tip

“It takes time”

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