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East Cork artist Nicola Geary loves working with textures and colours. Her work ranges from clay faces to brightly coloured canvas. She loves creating different charachters and faces using clay and vibrant colours. Her art is constantly evolving and changing & she loves finding new techniques to use in her artwork. She takes inspiration from Picasso, Kimmy Cantrell and Sandra Silbersweig. Her artwork can be seen on mixed media including canvas, clay, cushions and tote bags  along with an overdue return to lampshades soon on the horizon.

In this episode, we speak about her journey from artist to chef and back again, the surge in creativity that she has experienced, the importance of her mother, family, creative collaborations and supports, learning to embrace the online realm and the value of being true to  yourself.

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Date:          01/09/2022

Duration:   29:53 mins

Nicola's Takeaway Tip

“Value your work”

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