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Rosscarbery native Rebecca Connolly, is a 20-year champion of the ethical beauty movement.

Rebecca’s Beauty Salon has long been an industry pioneer leader in holistic beauty therapy, and make up artistry, advocating a strong line of ethical, cruelty free, organic products. As a vegetarian since childhood, her focus has always been on wellness that is earth and animal kind and self-care that is not just skin deep. Her approach to make up artistry has always been that of make under, rather than make over, using high quality make up to enhance rather than hide and always using skin kind products.

When Rebecca’s Salon doors closed for lockdown, Rebecca set about bringing a little self-care to her clients at home. Making natural soaps for clients, friends and family, which soon grew to wellness gift boxes of bath salts, hand washes, sanitiser and natural beeswax candles. Bringing comfort and light to those who could no longer join her in the salon, Rebecca’s Apothecary was born. You can learn more about Rebecca and what she does on her website.

In this episode, we discuss the silver lining of pandemic closures, making the most of local supports, the challenges she faces and the joys of being a beautician.

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Date:         08/06/2021

Duration:   40:31 mins

Rebecca's Takeaway Tip

“If you have an idea and it’s not going away, then you need to take the jump”


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