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Rita is the owner and founder of RH Vintage Interiors. She set up the business in January 2017 as a sole trader working from a purpose-built workshop in the garden of her home in Rosscarbery. In December 2022 her husband Ian joined the business, and both now work in partnership. In February 2022 they expanded into a much larger roadside shop located at The Old Creamery in Connonagh near Leap, Co. Cork.

They source high quality, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of vintage and antique furniture and interiors in Ireland, the UK and France. They have a love of varying design and the use of colour and have a large commitment to sustainability. They also revitalise and restore pieces that are affordable, impactful, and transformative, that uplift the ultimate clients. Their aim is to make each client happy and fulfilled, by fitting with their personality and lifestyle, creating an attractive, inviting, and meaningful environment.

In this episode, we chat about the growth of Rita’s passion for all things vintage and antique, turning that into a successful business despite the challenges of brexit and having a good business head. We discuss the emotions that can be evoked from a vintage piece, her plans for the future and she imparts some sage advice for all prospective entrepreneurs.

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Date:         20/09/2022

Duration:   38:20 mins

Rita's Takeaway Tip

“Build you idea but keep your bread and butter income”

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