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Séamus Ó Drisceoil is one of the driving forces behind Cape Clear Island Distillery. He came to Cape Clear 30 years ago and has managed the Co-op, The Island Ferry Service and has worked for LEADER as an animator. With his wife Bríd, he has also operated some of their own businesses including the re-establishment of an island shop, island accommodation and the every growing and successful Island Ferry & Fastnet tours.

Alongside a group of islanders with a shared  commitment and passion for Cape Clear, Seamus helped give birth to the Distillery – a distillery which has the Cape Clear Community front and centre. They have repurposed a disused fish farm to serve as the home for their award-winning gin & have a deep respect for their island surroundings. Their strategy of building up from small yet strong foundations has served them well and they are currently working towards the establishment of a Cask Store on the Island.

In this episode, we discuss with Seamus how the island has steered the direction of the gin – from the use of natural ingredients grown there to the importance of the Cape Clear micro-climate to the maturation process, how the distillery has been driven by a strong community effort, their holistic approach to the environment & their plans for the year ahead.

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Date:          10/02/2022

Duration:   25:12 mins

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