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Sharon Huggard, The Style Coach,  helps women, nationally and internationally, who are hiding or holding themselves back because they are measuring their self-worth on the scales, in the mirror or on a clothes tag to find the freedom to live their lives to the full, take opportunities and make memories. 

Sharon uniquely combines her 10 years expertise as a Personal Stylist with Personal Development to style inside and out. Sharon has amassed a range of coaching skills from QTT, NLP, and life coaching qualifications as well as styling qualifications. She offers online groups ‘The Style Solution’ and ‘The Body Confidence Solution’ to empower women through style.

In this episode, we discuss her journey to help others to find their signature style, the importance of being authentic, adapting her business during a pandemic and her plans for the year ahead.

About this podcast

Date:         01/02/2022

Duration:   38:50 mins

Sharon'sTakeaway Tip

“Don’t make it about you. Make it about the client and the person you are serving”.

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