Terra Brookins

The West Cork Brewing Company recently celebrated its 7th anniversary. It was started by three childhood friends, Dominic Casey, Henry Thornhill and Kevin Waugh who came together to make some beer.

Terra Brookins, the head brewer, joined the company in May of last year. Originally from California, Terra now lives just outside Baltimore. A lifetime lover of beer she started out brewing at home by foraging for ingredients in her garden before landing her dream job with the West Cork Brewing Company.

An exciting year lies ahead for the West Cork Brewing Company with plans for new beers, a gluten free range and non-alcoholic selection afoot.

In this episode, we speak to Terra about the importance of their customers to their business and the focus on building that relationship, the collaborative nature of the craft beer industry in Ireland and their exciting plans for 2022.

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Date:          21/01/2022

Duration:   25:49 mins

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