Coffee Beans spilling out of a bag onto a wooden table

Coffee Roasters Series

Brock Lewin, Badger & Dodo.

In the first part of our coffee roasting series, we are joined by Brock Lewin from Badger & Dodo. We discuss the building blocks of one of the first Irish specialty coffee roasters, the development of  their product & brand, the importance of getting the basics right, their focus on quality and Brock’s belief that it’s best to let the coffee do the talking.

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Tony Speight, West Cork Coffee

In the second part of our coffee roasters series, we chat to West Cork Coffee’s Tony Speight. We discuss how his engineering background helped him turn his hobby into a passion, his sustainable approach to work and life, not wanting to be the next Starbucks and getting lucky.

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John Boyle & Tom Edwards, Stone Valley Coffee Roasters

In the third part of our coffee roasters series, we talk to John Boyle and Tom Edwards from Stone Valley Coffee Roasters in Clonakilty. We discuss their self-taught roasting journey, their desire to lighten up the specialty coffee industry whilst ensuring a high quality product and their customer focused approach to their business.

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Suzanne Casey, Velo

In the final part of our coffee roasting series, we are joined by Suzanne Casey, general manager of Velo Coffee Roasters. In this episode we discuss their growth into mainstream retail, the advantages of a single supplier, embedding their business ethos into all that they do and standing out amongst the crowd.

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