Episode 50

In this episode, we chat to illustrator and designer, Kerry O’Callaghan about her journey into children’s illustration, diversity and representation, her collaborative process and gaining confidence in her work.

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Episode 48 & 49

In this episode we are joined by craniosacral therapist Sara Devoy. We chat about the benefits of this holistic approach to settling the nervous system and how it can address various physical and emotional issues. Sara shares stories of helping clients navigate challenges and highlights the importance of focusing on the positive aspects of healing rather than solely on fixing problems. We also experience a taster craniosacral therapy session.

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Episode 47

In this episode, we talk to Nuri Albakri and Caroline Walsh about their creativity, cosplaying, diorama creation and customisations. From growing up in Malaysia to hosting the inaugural Feel the Force festival in Dunmanway we speak about the importance of community and creativity of West Cork.

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Episode 46

In this episode we chat to Laure Mouniamy from Elle Aime about her path into upholstery, the satisfaction she garners from what she does, expanding her services & an unusual encounter with a hen.

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Episode 45

In this episode we chat to Justin Grounds about how music has been a constant presence throughout his life, his move to West Cork and becoming embedded into his community, his influences and inspirations and his unique musical style.

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Episode 44

In this episode, we chat to Orla and Armand from Farraige about seaweed art-about the patience required for turning a piece of nature into art, the wonders of this multifaceted yet underrated element of our coastal landscapes and the importance of passion, giving things a go and the support of friends and family.

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Episode 43

In this episode we chat to stylist Michelle Coughlan about her path to becoming a stylist, working in the US and her return home to Ireland, the importance of networking, the different facets of her work and her future plans.

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Episode 42

In this episode, we chat to Fiona Kelleher from MyGug about the story behind this Cork based start-up, their new age solution to an age old problem, scaling the product, the importance of local supports, ongoing discussions for governmental incentives and being persistent.

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Episode 41

As her second book launches, children’s author Leona Forde joins us to chat about the turning of a story for her dauhther into the publication of a successful first book, her inspirations and writing process, the importance of relatable and diverse characters, and her experiences as an author.

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Episode 40

In the final part of our coffee roasting series, we are joined by Suzanne Casey, general manager of Velo Coffee Roasters. In this episode we discuss their growth into mainstream retail, the advantages of a single supplier, embedding their business ethos into all that they do and standing out amongst the crowd.

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Episode 39

In the third part of our coffee roasters series, we talk to John Boyle and Tom Edwards from Stone Valley Coffee Roasters in Clonakilty. We discuss their self-taught roasting journey, their desire to lighten up the specialty coffee industry whilst ensuring a high quality product and their customer focused approach to their business.

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Episode 38

In the second part of our coffee roasters series, we chat to West Cork Coffee’s Tony Speight. We discuss how his engineering background helped him turn his hobby into a passion, his sustainable approach to work and life, not wanting to be the next Starbucks and getting lucky.

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Episode 37

In the first part of our coffee roasting series, we are joined by Brock Lewin from Badger & Dodo. We discuss the building blocks of one of the first Irish specialty coffee roasters, the development of  their product & brand, the importance of getting the basics right, their focus on quality and Brock’s belief that it’s best to let the coffee do the talking.

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Episode 36

In this episode, we return to our Business Supports Series with a chat to Rachel Kelleher from MIX Coworking in Clonakilty. Along with her partner Michael Kote they have turned a passion project into a successful business. In this episode, we discuss their journey to both Clonakilty and the creation of a coworking space, learnings from their original project to now, the benefits of coworking and nurturing their creation.

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Episode 35

In this episode we speak to marketing specialist, consultant and mentor Sandra Maybury about the reasons behind her decision to write a book about her parents, her exciting yet normal childhood, marketing and getting the basics right along with getting mad notions.

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Episode 33 & 34

We are joined by sound healer, author and musician Claire Marie Barton who talks to us about her interesting work, how the loss of her first baby became a transformative event for her, the importance of self-expression and taking time out and she imparts some very sage advice. A bonus mini sound healing session is also available where Cork Creative got to experience sound healing first hand!

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Episode 32

In this episode, we chat to historical fiction author Susan Lanigan. We discuss how history has a tendency to repeat itself, her writing process, her love for history, the challenges of being an author, censorship and her latest book, The Planter’s Daughter.

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Episode 31

In the final part of our Estate Agents Series we chat to Andy Donoghue from Hodnett Forde Property Services about his path into property, the skills needed to be a good estate agent, the cyclical nature of the property market and dealing with that, the emotive nature of what he does and having a thick skin.

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Episode 30

In the second part of our Estate Agents Series, we chat to Martin from Martin Kelleher Property Services in Clonakilty about how a nice car inspired his career choice, the pros and cons of being an independent operator, the importance of realistically portraying a property to its best potential along with the highs and lows of his job.

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Episode 29

As part of our new Estate Agents Series, we chat to Majella Galvin from DNG Galvin in Bandon about her path into auctioneering, the importance of marketing, networking and being part of business groups, supporting and educating clients on their property  journey and the multi-faceted skills required of a modern chartered estate agent.

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Episode 28

We chat to musician Alan Tobin, aka ADT to chat about his electronic folk music, the wider music scene and industry, the things & people that inspire him, working with other creative people, his new album & being a lighthouse enthusiast.

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Episode 27

To mark the 2 year anniversary of Cork Creative, the two hosts of the show, Geraldine Hennessy & Patrick Kiely share their experience of creating this podcast, the lessons learnt and future plans.

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Episode 26

In this episode we are joined by muralist and artist Martina Flanagan. We discuss her path to now; through colleges and jobs & her moment of enlightenment. We speak about her superheroes, her process, the impact of social media and she shares some sage advice for wannabe artists.

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Episode 25

We are joined by vintage & antique guru Rita Holding of RH vintage Interiors. We discuss the evolution of her hobbyist passion to a business, the great partnership she has with her husband Ian, having a good business head & the wonders and evocative nature of vintage & antique pieces.

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Episode 24

We are joined by East Cork artist Nicola Geary whose work ranges from clay faces to brightly coloured canvas. We chat about her journey from artist to chef and back again, the surge in creativity she has experienced, the importance of her mother, family, creative collaborations & supports, learning to embrace the online realm & the value of being true to yourself.

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Episode 23

We talk to Maura O’Connell from West Cork Casting Studio. She explains her journey from Social Science Graduate to life-casting & producer of memorial jewellery, the highly emotive element of her work, the touching stories that make her work so special,  overcoming her periods of procrastination & self-doubt & learning to take it easy on herself.

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Episode 22

We chat to professional declutterer Anne Marie Kingston from White Sage Decluttering about how her early life forged her path into decluttering, the lightbulb moment that initiated her business, the multifaceted layers of decluttering, her tips, challenges and future plans. Listen now.

Episode 21

We chat to interior designer Maura Mackey about turning her part-time hobby into her full-time career, her passion for biophilic design, the importance of function, her design process, the benefits of challenges and how every day is a school day. Listen now.

Episode 20

In this episode, we are joined by photographer Anna Groniecka. We discuss Anna’s creative roots, taking the leap into full time photography, the intense nature of her work and going with the flow. Anna also shares some good advice for people starting out in business.

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Episode 19

In the fourth part of our Business Supports Series we speak to Arran O’Driscoll , Chair at Clonakilty Credit Union. We chat about the differences between credit unions and banks, the importance to the credit union of building relationships with members, how credit unions can help business to manage their day-to-day finances and how they adapt their strategy in line with the needs of their members. Listen now.

Episode 18

In the third part of our Business Supports Series, we speak to Peter Walsh, Chairman of Brookpark Business Centre in Dunmanway, an advanced technology business centre about how Brookpark came about, what it can offer to  local businesses, the importance of community & how it hopes to serve as a blue print for others. Listen now.

Episode 17

Continuing with our Business Supports series, we chat to Fiona Ryan, Start Up & Entrepreneurship Manager in the Ludgate Hub in Skibbereen about her insights for post covid trends for business, how the Ludgate is shaping its own path from those trends and how it facilitates and supports local business and the  wider community across the generations.  Listen now.

Episode 16

As part of our Business Supports Series, Kevin Curran from the Local Enterprise Office joins us to tell us why the LEO should be the first port of call to new & expanding business. He simplifies business plans, shares what he believes are the biggest mistakes businesses make & discusses the importance of being online. Listen now.

Episode 15

In the fourth part of our Craft Brewers & Distillers Series, husband & wife team Daniel Emerson from Stonewell Cider & Géraldine Javoy from Nohoval Apple Wines educate us on all things apple, the perpetual motion of research & design, maintaining a strong profile, collaboration, sustainability & growing their businesses post-pandemic. Listen now.

Episode 14

Louise Kingston, founder of Inchydoney Candles, joins us to discuss the strong coastal influence on her products and brand, a mother’s influence, unexpected sales boosts and a positive development born out of the pandemic. Listen now.

Episode 13

In part 3 of our Craft Brewers & Distillers series, Séamus Ó Drisceoil from Cape Clear Island Distillery chats to us about their goal to have a high quality distinctive gin that reflects the island, the community endeavour that is central to their gin, the importance of safeguarding their environs & plans for the year ahead. Listen now.

Episode 12

Sharon Huggard, The Style Coach, chats to us about her mission to empower women to find their style signature & to ditch measuring self-worth on the scales, the importance of being authentic, adapting her business and her plans for the year ahead. Listen now.

Episode 11

In part 2 of our Craft Brewers & Distillers Series, we speak to Terra Brookins from West Cork Brewing Company about the importance of their customers to their business & building that relationship further & the collaborative nature of the craft beer industry in Ireland. Listen now.

Episode 10

Entrepreneur & content creator Michel Colaci joins us to discuss his ventures in creative digital solutions, child online safety & video production. We also explore  how mindfulness has influenced & changed his work. Listen now.

Episode 9 

As part of our Craft Brewers & Distillers Series, Paul Corbett, Head Distiller at Clonakilty Distillery joins us for a chat about his path to becoming a master distiller, the science and art of distilling and the joys of working in a smaller sized distillery. Listen now.

Episode 8

Nina Cáit Gilbert set up her Graphic Design business, Design Bird, on her return from a successful career in London. We discuss how she got into design, her love for what she does and the thrill of being part of the launch of new fledgling business’.  Listen now.

Episode 7

Niamh Morrison, creator of HEN Jewellery, has been making jewellery for 15 years.  We discuss the positive & negative impacts of the pandemic, the dramas of the creative process, the constant learning curve & her fetish for hammers. Listen now.

Episode 6

Stephen Hayes is a fine art photographer based in Clonakilty. We chat about his love for the whole photography process, his love/hate relationship with Instagram, evolution of his business, local supports and inspirations and we get the answer to the ultimate question.Listen now

Episode 5

Rebecca Connolly is a well-established beautician in Rosscarbery who has recently launched a beautiful apothecary range. We discuss the silver lining of pandemic closures, making the most of local supports, the challenges she faces and the joys of being a beautician. Listen now

Episode 4

Louise Bunyan is Ireland’s leading LinkedIn training expert and is a guru of all things digital marketing.  We discuss her interesting career, her pivot to online learning and consultancy, the importance of networking and her plans for the future. Listen now.

Episode 3

Aoife McLaughlin chats to us about getting the right work-life balance, moving her lino printing hobby into a business and the challenges of being a one-woman sales, marketing, finance and IT department. Listen now.

Episode 2

Aidan O’ Regan joins us for a honest chat about the highs and lows of being an abstract landscape artist, his motivations and the evolutions of his craft and business from Celtic Tiger boom to a global pandemic.Listen now.

Episode 1

Caragh Bell is a rising star of the literary world with five books published and another well in train. Listen now.